Saatchi Gallery: representing Bosnia and Herzegovina

SONJA_RADAN_SAATCHI GALLERY 2018 EngSubs from Ivan Marevich on Vimeo.

Recollection of Wood had won the sympathy however of both audience and jury at the 2018 START Art Exhibition at London’s Saatchi Gallery, one of the world’s most important venues for modern art. The exhibition featured artists from China, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Nigeria and many other countries, but thanks to Sonya, Bosnia and Herzegovina was represented too; the jury found her work to be ‘new and refreshing’.

Sonya’s participation in the Saatchi exhibition inspired film director Zlatko Ivanišević to make a documentary about her and her artwork. The film covered three days at the Saatchi Gallery; it was shot by Ivan Marević and featured music by Dado Džihan.

Sonya also played a prominent part in the Mediterraneo exhibition, held in 2008 at the Italian Cultural Institute, London. Forty two artists from countries in the Mediterranean exhibited their work, and Sonya again represented her country.

Sonya was especially eager to mention her 2006 solo exhibition at London’s Salon Gallery, owned by gallerists Semir Cerić and Haris Dervović from Banja Luka. Inaddition to numerous academy colleagues, collectors and other visitors, her father was also there. This was the last time he was able to attend one of her exhibitions, and that makes this exhibition especially important to Sonja. At the same time, she deeply regrets that her mother, who always strongly supported Sonya and her work, could not be there too.

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