Recollection of Wood – Burden of Time (click for more)

I have started using materials that have had a previous life: bits of old houses, remnants of railway tracks, wedges and lumps of driftwood, for example.

Over the decades, the wooden pieces have been modified so they carry their scars and blemishes. The figures I see as acknowledging the people who lived in these houses and who left us their beautiful homes that we renovate to suite our modern life.

As well as being paintings on wooden blocks, most pieces can also be suspended as sculptures.

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Some of the blocks I am painting on four-sided which has enabled freer, more dynamic paintings, that can be presented as sculpture.

Most of the pieces are painted with acrylic on wood, sizes 17 x 20 x 10 up to 70 x 27 x 5cm.

Underneath every art piece you can find the precise dimensions.




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